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In the autumn of 2014 three of us joined the Xtreme Character Challenge in the Belgium Ardennes. Not knowing what to expect we plunged into a weekend of extremes, experiencing nature, battling fatigue and searching for the heart of God.

In the afternoon the spiritual side of the challenge was ramped up as we all prepared to battle the river once again and walk upstream for 800m holding our bibles. The aim was to contend for the blessing of God in our lives and the situations we’re facing. I personally found the imagery and illustration of calling God down into the river where you’re feeling the current and flow of water really powerful. I will remember this moment forever. Holding my bible up high, walking alone and praying for the blessing of God, walking together with Gideon, arms around each other, like a team of warriors fighting the enemy. With friends and fellow musketeers on the river banks praying over me, this was a truly poignant moment for me and my walk with God.

That weekend made such a great impression that we just had to bring it back home. And so we did and hosted our first ever XCC in April 2015. 107 men signed up including a team from Australia! The smell of testosterone and excitement was exuberating the Thursday Evening at the start. Men introducing themselves to other, not knowing that by Sunday they will feel like brothers, all shouting out the name of their King, Jesus, and hearing it echo into the wide open spaces of the Drakensberg.

Hearing the testimonies on Sunday made us realize that this is truly something every man should experience. It touched our hearts and every man their present of the commitments made to our King, Jesus.

`The physical challenges from the weekend brought me to life, I really am at my best when I’m half way up a mountain in the wind and with God closer than your skin. One for all and all for One!` – Participant feedback

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