Father and Son

The Father and Son is a three-day event that challenges relationship and builds trust and unity between a father and his son.

The weekend starts on a Friday night and ends on the following Sunday afternoon. This period of time is viewed as one endless day. During the weekend, fathers and sons turn over their watches, phones, wallets and car keys. Only the items on the packing list provided are allowed. No extra food. No cigarettes. No alcohol. The men walk considerable distances carrying their backpacks with their equipment. Along the route the spiritual leaders of 4M speak short messages, often followed by a practical assignment to build on the Biblical lesson. Throughout the weekend, the men receive some ten, 10-minute, talks that centre’s around Biblical characters. The aim of the Father and son is to lead them to a place where a Father can bestow his blessing upon his son for the future. 

It is essential that you prepare physically for the demands of the Father and Son.  If you cannot walk up the stairs without running out of breath or jog to your local supermarket for a morning paper then get training!

General Information

Location Krugersdorp (Gauteng)
Date 3 - 5 August 2018
Price R1600 (father and son)
Max Participants 50
Start 3 August 2018 20:00
Finish 5 August 2018 12:00
Special Minimum age 12. Suitable for all ages above 12.

Important Information

  • You will participate in a team of only you and your son.
  • You are only allowed to bring one son.
  • The F&S starts and ends at Krugersdorp Game Reserve Kindly ensure to arrive by Friday 3 August 2018 at 20:00.
  • You must arrange your own transportation to and from Krugersdorp.
  • The F&S ends on Sunday 5 August around 12:00.
  • Every father must have an ID with them during the weekend – this can also be your passport or drivers licence.
  • Please be aware of our cancellation policy:
    • Regardless of when you cancel, you will have to pay R 500.
    • Less than 2 weeks from the start of the F&S, there is no refund.

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